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According to most vehicle manufacturers the Air Conditioning in your vehicle should be serviced around every 18 months, but they do not include it within their service schedules. Every year your vehicle’s air conditioning will lose around 10% of it’s coolant which reduces it effectiveness. Why not come along to Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd in Pewsey and let our experienced technicians take a look.

Are there any signs that My Car Air Conditioning Needs Servicing?

Below are 5 signs that your Car Air Conditioning may need servicing:

  • Not cooling: Blowing hot when it should be cold or vica versa or nothing coming out of your vents is a sure sign that your Car Air Conditioning needs some attention.
  • Slow to cool: Is it taking longer than usual for your car to cool down? Then it is time to get your Car Air Conditioning looked at.
  • Strange sounds: Any strange noises coming from your Car Air Conditioning then come to us in Pewsey and let us take a look.
  • Water stains: Water under your car after running your Car Air Conditioning for a while is normal and a good sign. If these are inside your vehicle, then you could have a problem.
  • Bad smells: These are a sure sign that your Car Air Conditioning needs of some attention so let us take care of it in Pewsey.

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Any questions about your car air conditioning please call Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd in Pewsey on 01672 569330 or complete our Contact form.

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