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What are Vehicle Diagnostics?

Do you have a warning light or message on your dashboard? Most modern vehicles have a number of Electronic Control Units (ECUs) fitted to them which manage and monitor the various electronic systems. If a fault occurs in any one of these systems a code will be created that is stored within the associated ECU.

At Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd our highly trained technicians in Pewsey can connect our state of the art diagnostic equipment to your vehicle, this reads any fault codes that may be stored allowing us to diagnose any faulty components and resolve the problem and remove that warning from your dashboard.

Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd offer the following Car Diagnostic Services in Pewsey:

  • Code reading
  • Re-coding of components
  • Fuel Injection
  • ABS
  • Airbag
  • Traction control

Mechanic diagnosing a vehicle - Car Diagnostics Pewsey

If you have any questions about our car diagnostic services give Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd a call on 01672 56933 or complete our Contact form.

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