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For car servicing in Pewsey book your next car service online now at Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd. Just enter a few details about you and your vehicle, pick a date and time that suits you and then just turn up. We can also send you a car service reminder next year if you would like it.

What types of car service do we offer in Pewsey?

At Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd we offer 3 levels of car servicing:

Minor Service:

This is an oil and filter change with all fluid levels checked, checks to the tyres, wipers and lights.

Annual Service:

As a Minor Service with the addition of all filters being changed.

Major Service

This is a full service that includes all the above and the vehicle being raised off the floor, the wheels being removed, brakes and all safety critical components checked.

The level of service that you require will depend on the number of miles that you do and the type of motoring. If you are unsure please call on 01672 569330.

Mechanic servicing a vehicle - Car Service Pewsey

By having your car serviced regularly at Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd you can:

1. Improve Safety:- As this checks brakes, tyres, suspension and other safety critical items may spot the beginnings of any faults before they become serious.

2. Save money:- Regular car servicing can improve fuel efficiency and may avoid you having those annoying and expensive breakdowns.

3. Increase the lifespan of your vehicle:- By ensuring that it is always in the best possible condition.

4. Maintain your vehicle’s value:- A vehicle with a full service history attracts more potential buyers than one without and will command a higher resale value.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our car servicing options we offer in Pewsey call Pewsey Tyre and Auto Centre Ltd on 01672 569330 or complete our Contact form.

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